“Running scared, I was there, I remember it all too well…”

Any blogger who does in-world shots knows the risk. By risk, I mean other avatars entering a blogger’s world. Sometimes, it’s harmless. Other times, people behind the keyboard are having a wonderful time jumping or pushing the solitary avatar that looks like she is lost or away from the keyboard. This time, I camera stalked the one-day-old avatar and took a snapshot because for all I know she is new or perhaps she’s having a bad day. I’ve never really photographed others, but it’s the personification of nostalgia, for me. Avatars are not human, but the people who control them are. So, this is for Fiyouna (pictured below). She doesn’t know me, but she virtually touched me.

I'd like to be my old self again, but I'm still trying to find it

When I first set out to blog, I had Memorial Day on my mind. I don’t know anyone who has died in service. As a good American,  I appreciate it. As a person, I wish war wasn’t necessary. I have lost loved ones, and they did not die with honors, but I still take this day to remember them the same.

I remember it all too well

The people I knew were battling their own wars and they lost. Some people say suicide is selfish, but it may not be that simple. In a twisted way, suicidal individuals may feel as  though they are making a difference in their loved ones’ lives and that means letting their loved ones live on in peace. Of course, that does not happen because the living hurt more than the dead, but it’s an idea that haunts me.

Wind in my hair, you were there

Before I get too political or crybaby for my own good (I don’t know enough to really debate about politics; I just run on emotions so you’ve met your match in crybaby territory), I’ll end it on a safe note. For those that I’ve lost and whom others have lost, we remember you all too well and love you. ♥

I can’t say that I love you Fiyouna because I don’t know you, but I want to thank you for bumping into me.

I’m wearing
Blac Label Boutique Siran Cardigan~Peach Limpet @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
Blac Label Boutique Siran Halter and Shorts ~Peach @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
*Nya’s*Jacky-O Flats for Slink @ Designer Showcase (May Round)
Vanity Hair:Miss Fisher-Browns
Pose 2: ASO! Mimosa 5 (Gacha)
Pose 3: Eternal Dream Vicky 01
Location: Everlong 

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Speaking of which…

I used to have an active Second [social] Life. It was loads of fun in the beginning. I call it the SL gloss and that gloss wore out quite some time ago. Teaching was fun. Pretending to be a model was fun too. Isn’t it funny how we can change interests even in our Second Lives?

For instance, now, I log in solely to blog. If my old friends get my autoreply, chances are I really am in Photoshop, or I just don’t have anything to say. Regardless of what I am doing, I let my autoresponse do the talking.
How to be alone

Don’t get me wrong. There are a couple of people I miss chatting to. My old friend Tiff is one. The last time I ‘spoke’ to her, she was choreographing dances, which I think is so fun. You know how I love my animations. Anyway, if I could do that without the actually ‘talking’ to others, I totally would.

I mean, I could choreograph a dance or two and then blog it, but since I only hang out with myself (you’ve met Sunshine and Taco, my real life husband…I took control of his avatar a long time ago), it’s sort of computer intensive lol. I suppose I just wanted to say, if you get my autoresponse, it’s because I’m just here to relax and get away from my real life. Other times, I only have enough charm left at the end of the day for one.😉

I’m wearing

Legendaire Valentina Dress (Maitreya) and Heels @ Designer Showcase (May’s cycle ends on the 31st)
PurpleMoon Safety Pin Clutch [gold] Black (Former Gift for the Instruments)
Truth Hair Verity
Pose: Manifeste 616
Location: Paris Land

Yeah, I’m sober, sure I’m sane: Still your daughter still the same

If there is any fairy tale character I could really understand, I would have to say it’s Thumbelina. Before I get too deep, it’s due to my size. I swear to my husband that I’m five feet tall and he swears that I’m lying. Okay, so he knows me well but I know how men gauge inches so I thought I was safe! Really, the perfect height for me would be 5′ 4″ so I could wear flats. I can’t complain. Perhaps my mother wished for a tiny little child like Thumbelina’s mother  did?

Were you scared that I might get hurt

In spite of my size, I am the big boss lady at my workplace. I suppose I mastered my everything is okay face because my assistant manager claimed I was her hero due to my ability to handle everything in stride and be pleasant at the same time. Little does she know, but I am far from fine.

I'm losing my mind

She is younger than me, so I’m trying to play the good role model, but sometimes I wonder if it is ever okay to say I don’t give a fuck about your problems because I have my own?  At the same time, I love my life.

And I might be okay. But I'm not fine at all.

It’s really not so bad. Yes, my thoughts are a bit convoluted at times, but that’s the way  I roll and the only way I can fly. ಠ‿↼

I’m wearing:
Picture 1 and 2
:: PurpleMoon :: Thumbelina Gown, Crown, and Wings @ Enchantment Featuring Thumbelina  (May)
#EMPIRE – Erica Flats for Maitreya @ Enchantment Featuring Thumbelina  (May)
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-SIMONE 1.5
Exile Hair::Stone Cold Seduction and Memory Bliss
Poses: (1) **Manifeste** – Model_510 by July Raymaker and (2) Posies-Blender 07 Tall by Anatalia Honi

Picture 3
:: PurpleMoon :: Shabby Dream Dress (May Instruments)
:: PupleMoon :: Thumbelina Wings @ Enchantment Featuring Thumbelina  (May)
Exile Hair::You Send Me
Pose: Le Poppycock *Small Blessings* Small Wonder @ Enchantment Featuring Thumbelina  (May)
REIGN.- Boho Laced Sandals (Maitreya Lara)- Camel @ Collabor88 (May)

Location: Kingdom of Alurel 

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“I’m glad I came here with your pound of flesh…”

Finding a new home is exhausting. While we’re searching, tons of agents have come by to view the property we’re currently renting. I’m so done. As we search for our new home, I have a couple of wants because our current residence leaves a lot to be desired. It is not my husband’s fault, but the present environment has intensified my mood swings. This is my apology lol. =)

DS May

In real life, I only socialize with my husband, but I would like to find a home that motivates us to stay home and enjoy the property. There’s too much to do in Las Vegas and it all costs money. While there are shows to see and restaurants to dine in, there are just as many slot machines one can pour his or her money into. We don’t do that often, but, in retrospect, I could have purchased some amazing shoes in the last 3 months. Tangibility is everything.

Now, speaking of tangibility, don’t forget to stop at Designer Showcase. May is nearly over so tons of goodies at promo prices or exclusive pieces will be gone on the 31st.

Click I love shoes and clothes for your lift to Designer Showcase.

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Hepburn Rose Dress by More Than Ever @ Designer Showcase 
Slink FEMALE (Av.Enhance) Hands and Feet Alpha
Lindy Bailee Black and Gold @ Designer Showcase 
pr!tty hair- Yeemi

I’m wearing:
[hh] Belize Dress short for MAITREYA @ Designer Showcase 
Amacci Hair – Astra – No Bow
Maxi Gossamer Earrings – Lost Eden – Rebecca – GOLD + OPAL
Maitreya Mesh Body – Feet V3.5
Pure Poison – Elianna Pumps – Maitreya
{NANTRA} Red Wine Glass Copy only

Pose by Exposeur Poison & Wine
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Taking one for the team

I can come across as quite the ditz, but trust me: it’s a gift. When I was a child, I was in the ‘gifted’ program so naturally I grew up to be a stripper! I haven’t been an exotic entertainer in quite some time, but it was a crash course in life and more than I could have learned from textbooks and traditional courses. Don’t get me wrong. I love school. I’m in school as I type, but as my doctoral program progresses, I found stripping taught me how to observe others and find ways to influence certain situations when the time comes.

I hear you talking

One cannot learn that from a book but from real life experience. At the end of the day, I may come across as a ditz and a stubborn one at that (looking at you hubby), but I always have my eye on the future. Husband…you owe me a big thank you! Also, a new pair of shoes wouldn’t hurt.

I’m wearing:
Blueberryxx– Yoga Pants – Maitreya
LeLutka Head Simone
Maitreya Mesh Body – Lara V3.5
Truth Hair Arden
Fashion Geek Hoodiepool Maitreya

Taco is wearing:
Egoisme Alterego Hoodie – Comic
-NU- Suara Shorts
Evian – Alessio Mesh Head in Pale
Truth Hair Tom

Pose: Stay by Label Motion
Backdrop: Rowne.26 Flatbush Ave. Brooklyn (Former Arcade Item)

Inspiration: I heart this movie. He’s the quintessential anti-hero.



Open House: “I’m useless but not for long.”

Never, ever, do real estate with the seller’s family. My husband and I decided to officially plant roots in Las Vegas by purchasing a house. Husband: Hey, guess what, a co-worker wants to sell her home! Me: Oh wow, what are the odds? Must be a blessing and meant to be! No. That’s not always the case. A few days ago, I sat silently while the real estate licensee (seller’s sister) tried to set up a meeting with my husband. Apparently, my credit hasn’t reached the mark yet, which is totally okay, but it’s like hey I’m still here. Can someone besides my husband acknowledge I’m part of this?

Open House

I will be a first-time home buyer, so I guess that makes me a virgin, but I always imagined real estate agents were equally respectful of both the buyer and the seller. I may be a virgin, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.😉 This contract is contingent on our credit, so if this doesn’t pan out, I totally understand. For what it’s worth, I would love to check out empty houses to feel the realtors’ vibes and previous owners’ energy left behind.  Although, open houses do not sound appealing. I imagine the crazy realtor from American Beauty.

Incidentally, Designer Showcase’s April round will actually be a closed house on April 30, so if you haven’t made it by there, check it out. I hear there will be a brand spanking new location. Now, those are positive vibes.

I’m wearing:
Entice – Stars Are Blind Lights w/Necklace for Maitreya @ Designer Showcase
LaGyo_Triple leather bag lime
Lindy Bency Tawny  @ Designer Showcase
*TKW* Bohumila Hair

Sunshine is wearing:
Blac Label Sahara Romper in Peach @ Designer Showcase
Amacci Hair – Mima
Tres Beau “Jemma” Earrings
KC Couture- Sharon Wedges for Slink High @ Designer Showcase

Pose by Glitterati Rust (Freebie!)

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“Day’s dawning, skins crawling: I am the Marcia F’n Brady of the Upper East Side”

You got me. Yes, I live in Las Vegas, so I’m not necessarily living in the upper east side of New York, but I do love to mix my quotes. Also, I’m the Marcia ‘fucking’ Brady of the I think it’s Clark County or Spring Valley part of Vegas didn’t have the same ring. Enough of my rant.

Day's dawning, skins crawling

Shine Messner, Glitter designer, started creating poses and, as some of you know, I love SL poses. When I dabbled in SL modeling, I looked for poses that were fluid for the runway. I think Shine’s poses have a graceful ballerina fluidity, so some may find them too slow for the runway, but sometimes we don’t need to snap to impress…okay, just a tad more rant.

Sometimes my co-workers boggle my mind. The interpersonal relationships in an office alone are enough to make a fake optimistic tap out.  If that’s your cruel intention…checkmate.

Sulky Laylah is wearing:
Outfit: Glitter Jane Knitted Wool @ Glitter 
Shoes: Essenz – Dallas (Black) Slink
Hair: Exile::In These Shoes? (Former Collabor88 Item)
Pose: Glitter Shine 7 (coming soon)

‘Marica F’n Brady’ Laylah is wearing:
Outfit: Glitter Mely outfit fitmesh Maitreya Lemon (for March IDE)
Brain:.LeLutka.Mesh Head-Simone 1.5
Hair: booN SFK336 hair brown
Shoes: Momento. ballet flats Maitreya beige (Gacha Item)
Skin: DeeTaleZ Annabella for Lelutka
Pose: Glitter Happy 10 (coming soon)

Fun stuff in the background by 1992 (Grant Valeska’s series for The Arcade September 2015)

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“Cause darling I’m a nightmare dressed like a daydream”

It’s no secret in my inner circles that I’m late on the Taylor Swift bandwagon, but, in my defense, she’s made her album 1989’s popularity last forever. Unfortunately, Pose Fair 2016 cannot last forever, so it ends tonight, but at least it’s annual! I’m an animal lover so I immediately grabbed anything that had to do with our furry friends. Fashiowl‘s Cat Lover was at the top of my list. I miss having a cat, but since I lost one years ago, my heart hasn’t quite mended. The cats and all kinds of goodies from March’s Arcade simply defined Ms. Swift for me.

Cause darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydreamPose Fair 2016 ends at 11:59 PM tonight, so if you haven’t had a chance to stop by, better get going! Many creators designed exclusive poses just for the event, so plenty of newness going around. You got roughly two hours!

I’m wearing:
.Enfant Terrible. Vintage Romance for Maitreya @ March Arcade
.LeLutka.Mesh Head-Simone
AZOURY – Laurette Heels Cream for Maitreya @ March Arcade
Lamb. Nevermind @ March Arcade
O.M.E.N – Mischievous Kittens – Siamese Kitty @ March Arcade
TheSkinnery Chiara Honey 8 (LeLutka Applier) @ March Arcade
Pose: Fashiowl Cat Lover Pose 2 w/Cat @ Pose Fair 2016

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Surprise Me!

Recently, a friend of mine threw a surprise party for her husband but it didn’t have the wow factor she was hoping for. One, they have twins and her husband always brings both babies at the same time. So she had her phone filming discretely and hubby only walks in with one baby. You can hear the wtf in my friend’s voice when she asked where the other baby was. Hubby gets other baby two seconds later…then leaves again to collect the diaper bags.

Surprise Parties

Normally, he brings it all in. Think someone alerted him to the surprise? Methinks yes. The lesson: don’t let too many people in on the surprise! I had a surprise bridal party and it was my first surprise party. I was genuinely surprised, so it honestly made for the best time ever!

Need a fancy party dress? Snowpaws has two delicious pieces at Designer Showcase March. Here’s your lift!

Sunshine is wearing:

Dress: Snowpaws Courant Bow Gown – Pearl @ March Designer Showcase 
Hair: “”D!va”” Hair “Chisa”(Moon stone)
FuLo – “Tina” ring – Ruby
Lazuri Classic Pearls Ring – Left

I’m wearing:

Dress: Snowpaws Au Revoir Red Silk Gown – Sparkle @ March Designer Showcase 
LeLutka Head Simone
Hair: Vanity Hair: Luck be a Lady-Browns
{Reverie} ‘Box of Charms’ – French Heiress Earrings @ March Arcade 2016

Pose and props:
Glitterati “Straight on Til Morning”
Fancy Decor Harpsichord Rare and Parlor Chandelier and Ariskea Dollie Rug @ March Arcade 2016



It’s gonna be alright…

…because “I shake it off, I shake it off.” This is kind of embarrassing, but I literally shake my head to clear it off thoughts. I never really noticed it, of course, until my hubby pointed it out. Apparently, I also frown in my sleep. Thanks for letting me know husband. Ah, romance (actually, I think it is totally romantic to notice my subconscious moments).😉

Shake it off.png

The whole point of my post is to point out my jacket, so disregard my ramblings! PurpleMoon Creations has one of the coolest jackets ever available at On9. The Iridescent jacket is materials ready, and I really wasn’t able to notice the real coolness until I logged on using the official SL Viewer. Now, mind you, it may be my graphics card because I am a frequent user of Phoenix and typically see everything I need to and want to.

See the green light in the picture above? It seems materials ready clothing adds the oomph to oh my.

I wore the lights (in my case green and purple) included in the package, but try going outside for a moveable light source to see the effects.

Click here’s your lift to On9.

:: PurpleMoon Creations :: Iridescent Jacket in Pink @ On9
*COCO*_Bustier Dress in White
-David Heather-Headphones/Scripted/F (Pose above) @ The Arcade March
Lamb. Nevermind @ The Arcade March
[Atomic] Skin Gacha // April – Milk – Rose @ The Arcade March
Closed eyes by Boudoir

Location: The Dirty Grind 

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